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Food and drink items inbound

For the month of July I’m pushing hard to get shippable assets in for all the important elements of the game – items, weapons, and enemies. This will make it easier for me to focus on integrating systems, refining the design, and doing more tedious and less critical tasks like optimization and lore integration.

Anyways, the past two weeks I’ve been focusing on items. I’ve made a small video showcase of the food and drink items. I had a few goals in mind when designing these:

  • variety
  • reflect the lore/setting
  • have a few classes of similar items which can use the same animations and sounds

I feel I’ve got a pretty good roster so far which satisfies these constraints, ranging from lingonberries to fish jerky. I’ve picked foods from the many northern countries which are all close trading partners in the game’s setting, with particular focus on northern Canada. To that end, I do have a few more foods inspired by Inuit and other northern peoples, such as Akutaq (“Alaskan Ice cream” – a mix of berries, fat, and meat, somewhat similar to pemmican.)

Anyways, quite happy with the progress. I have yet to do any long play sessions with these items in, so I can’t speak to how they feel in that sense. But, they do have a pretty big variety of nutrition and hydration effects, so their variety should feel meaningful gameplay-wise as well. I am looking to allow some to provide beneficial status effects, and maybe interact with a potential energy meter (still pondering this one.)

Arctic survival project: Quick intro

Explore and fight your way through procgen cities and landscapes in this gritty FPS roguelike. Set in a heavily-populated near-future Arctic, suffering an eldritch outbreak. Inspired by atmospheric European survival games as well as some of my favourite traditional roguelikes. Early Access release on Steam planned for mid-2023.

I figured I should post on my actual website! My current project is coming along; I’m planning on releasing it in 2023. Probably early access at first, then transitioning to full release over perhaps a year, depending on the support. I will make sure to post here more often, as there’s some uncertainty with some other websites.

I’d like to make a more in-depth intro, perhaps in the form of a video, but that’s the basics for now. Cheers

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